For thousands of years humans have depended on nature for healing. 

According to the World Health Organization, herbal remedies are the most widespread system of medicine used in the world today. In many developed countries natural healing knowledge was almost lost, but the last few decades have seen a renewed interest in herbal remedies, and more and more people are recognizing the many benefits of using them to treat themselves and their families.


Humans have always used plants to ease their aches and pains. They imbued them with magical powers and then gradually learned to identify their properties. We can now enjoy the benefits of herbal medicines because over thousands of years (60,000 to be exact), our ancestors discovered which plants were beneficial and which were highly toxic.

Used appropriately, herbs can be a satisfying part of a more holistic lifestyle, and many herbs are the starting ingredients of much of the modern medicine used today, a classic example being aspirin which is derived from the bark of the willow tree.

When used with a healthy dose of common sense, herbal remedies are a safe and effective form of home help. If we can treat colds, flu and minor injuries; we can often prevent the development of something more serious and avoid using conventional medicine with their myriad of side-effects.

We believe that the use of whole-plant medicines as opposed to isolated active ingredients helps to prevent adverse side effects; the many types of substances in medicinal plants work together in synergy and probably all have important roles to play in the healing process. The primary healing agents are the active constituents that were isolated by the early chemists and developed into modern pharmaceutical medications, but the importance of the other, apparently secondary. constituents shouldn’t be overlooked, as they are vital for determining the efficacy of the primary healing agents. Some secondary synergistic substances make the active constituents more easily assimilated and available in the body, while others will buffer the action of other potent plant chemicals, preventing possible side effects from developing. it is largely the combination of both types of substance occurring in the whole plant that determines the potential potency and safety of herbal medicine.



Roots Herbal Remedies have been designed and tested over a number of years. As we learned about herbs and which worked for which conditions, we looked at how best to combine a number of herbs together that had similar and complementary characteristics to create the most effective end product. This range of herbal remedies are for a range of ailments and complaints, as well as being preventative care to avoid the development of more serious health conditions.

Under each product, you will find the full list of its uses, a more detailed description of what it is as well as the dosage instructions. We also provide you with an extensive list of cautions, this section is to provide the warnings for those with existing medical conditions whether they may be adversely affected by using this product, as well as possible drug interactions. For instance, someone who already has low blood pressure should not take a product that further lowers blood pressure. These are not intended to scare you away from the product, but rather are there to provide you with extensive information on each product so you can make a fully informed decision.

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